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SVIA History

When the Albert J. Schorsch and Company acquired 120 acres of land in a newly incorporated territory known as Belmont Heights, they re-named the area and since then it has been known as Schorsch Village. Their plans called for 450 residences of Colonial, Georgian, Cape Cod and English architecture. Individually each design was carried throughout the Village.

The first buyers of these homes in 1930, were primarily of German and Scandinavian decent. They were people that, even though they were in the midst of the depression years, were willing to sacrifice to have their families located in this suburban-like subdivision. They also knew the reputation of the builders and were confident that they were buying a quality home.

By becoming acquainted with their neighbors, they found they shared many attitudes in common. The Chicago "I Will" spirit was never more evident than the pride these residents showed in caring for their homes and surroundings.

Social gatherings at that time were very modest, neighbors would invite each other to their homes to spend the evening playing cards or to chat and have coffee and cake. As they continued to socialize, many lifetime friendships were formed.

There were three grammar schools in the district at that time, all having been in existence since 1927. They were St. Priscilla's Catholic School (which has since closed a few years ago), and two public schools, Locke and Bridge. The first high school in the area was the Steinmetz High School, built in 1934.

Click on the link below and enjoy a more in-depth review of Schorsch Village history that was put together for our 75th Anniversary booklet to honor our great community and the people in it.
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